Orchestra Software Partners with Sapphire Systems to bring OrchestratedBEER to U.K.

Orchestra Software, Sapphire Systems form new partnership to deliver localized brewery management software solution to U.K. breweries

Orchestra Software is proud to announce a new partnership with Sapphire Systems, a global, award winning provider of SAP Business One ERP. Sapphire is the leading ERP consulting and implementation provider for SAP Business One in the U.K., with 10 offices located throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Orchestra Software will rely on Sapphire’s proven reputation as the leading SAP Business One provider in the U.K. to deliver an all-in-one brewery management software solution known as OrchestratedBEER to breweries throughout the U.K.

Until now, Orchestra Software has focused on marketing, implementing and providing OrchestratedBEER solely to U.S. based craft breweries. Orchestra Software continues to rely on the approach of delivering its solutions outside the U.S. through trusted and reputable SAP partners like Sapphire Systems, who retain an in-depth understanding of local business environments, laws, regulations and common business practices. Orchestra Software and Sapphire Systems will work closely to develop a standard U.K. localization package for the solution. The new partnership opens the door to a whole new market and allows Sapphire Systems to deliver a localized version of the same premiere brewery management software currently used by more than 100 breweries in the U.S.

“We are excited to form this partnership with Sapphire Systems, said Orchestra Software Vice President, Reshad Kazimee. “With Sapphire’s presence and expertise in the local U.K. market, we hope to bring a joint offering of our brewery management software solution tailored to the growing craft beer industry in the U.K. Ian Caswell (Sapphire Systems CEO) and his organization have shown great commitment to this joint effort of expanding OrchestratedBEER to the U.K. market. We are confident that Ian and his team can deliver the same quality services and support in the U.K. that has made OrchestratedBEER successful in the U.S.”

Sapphire Systems is dedicated to self-marketing, implementing and supporting future OrchestratedBEER customers based in the U.K. utilizing the same “verticalization” of business management software that has already made Orchestra Software so successful in the U.S.

“As soon as I met with the owners of Orchestra Software I knew their OrchestratedBEER solution would be an excellent addition to our portfolio of business management solutions,” said Sapphire System’s CEO, Ian Caswell. “It’s a unique, well-developed, customized offering designed to solve the specific challenges faced by breweries all over the world. Now, as a result of our partnership with Orchestra Software, we’re providing an excellent opportunity to solve these problems for breweries in the U.K., and we look forward to developing and supporting this international customer base.”

“Orchestra Software’s ‘verticalization’ approach to delivering enterprise software was a response to the consumer need for tailored solutions built for their story,” added Orchestra President, Brad Windecker. “The future of enterprise software will be tailored solutions like OrchestratedBEER that address the very specific challenges businesses face on a daily basis. Sapphire Systems understands the changing environment of the enterprise software world that is being driven by our customers and we firmly believe they are the right partner to deliver our solution to the U.K. market.”

About Sapphire Systems:
Sapphire Systems is an established global provider of world-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Financial Management Solutions (FMS), offering software, services and support to over 800 customers worldwide. The company is an SAP Gold Channel Partner and holds the title of Number One Partner for SAP Business One in the EMEA region. Established in 1993, and with offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Asia, Sapphire offers 24×5 support as standard and has extensive knowledge and experience of global implementations. By aligning with market leading software authors, developing unique customizations, and recruiting and retaining the best service and support teams in the industry, Sapphire offers customers powerful, flexible and innovative solutions to address their business issues. http://www.sapphiresystems.com

About Orchestra Software:
Orchestra Software is an enterprise software company located in Beaverton, Oregon that creates industry vertical solutions that are scalable enough for large companies, but affordable enough for small growing companies. Orchestra’s industry specific software consolidates all company operations into one single application, providing an unparalleled insight into the business, and creating opportunity for cost savings and increased profitability.

Orchestra Software currently offers solutions to the downstream Oil & Gas industry and the beverage manufacturing industry with plans to expand into new markets in the near future. Orchestra’s flagship solutions are OrchestratedBEER, the industry leading ERP solution for the craft brewery market, and OrchestratedFUEL, the most feature rich ERP solution for the downstream petroleum industry.

Orchestra Software is among the fastest-growing private companies in America for 2014, recently listed at number 704 on the Inc. 5000.