Orchestra Software Exceeds 225 Beverage Manufacturing Customers

Industry-specific products, industry growth and international expansion help software company surpass ‘audacious’ goal, reach 122% average four-year customer growth rate

Orchestra Software concluded 2015 on a high note, surpassing expected projections for new customers utilizing Orchestrated, an all-in-one business management software platform for craft beverage manufacturers.

In early 2015, Orchestra Software surpassed 130 Orchestrated customers, which put the company on pace to reach 215 customers by the end of 2015. Orchestra Software added 100 Orchestrated customers in 2015, bringing its total customer base to 227, surpassing the goal of “215 by end of 2015”.

The new customer additions helped Orchestra Software achieve a 73 percent customer growth rate in 2015, and a four-year average customer growth rate of 122 percent. Orchestra Software has maintained triple digit average customer growth rates every year since its initial product launch in 2011.

Orchestra Software Vice President, Reshad Kazimee attributes the success to several factors, from launching new software products like OrchestratedSPIRITS, to expanding internationally through partnerships. The emphasis on providing constant value for customers has proved effective in retaining existing customers as well, with an all-time customer retention rate of 95.74 percent.

“This growth isn’t just about adding new customers but providing additional value for existing customers as well,” says Kazimee. “Our entire community has developed organically allowing our customers to gain additional value outside of the software itself. The interactions between our users and their peers has invoked the continued maturation of an entire industry.”

The rapid growth within the craft beer and spirits industry also amplified demand for Orchestrated software. The U.S. brewery count reached record levels in 2015 with 4,144 breweries, topping the previous high of 4,131 breweries set back in 1873. U.S. distillery counts also grew by 311 percent over the past five years.

Orchestra Software’s long-term growth outlook is promising considering the craft beer and spirits industry shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. “We’re anticipating 1,000 customers by the end of 2020,” adds Kazimee.

Orchestra Software President, Brad Windecker says the continued growth trends will benefit the entire Orchestrated community. “We strongly believe that the ‘audacious’ goals we set for ourselves internally help promote continuous improvement and innovation. This ultimately benefits the entire Orchestrated user community.”

Windecker added that expanding into new market segments within the beverage manufacturing industry is a key part of Orchestra Software’s mission and vital for maintaining future growth of the company.

The U.S. wine industry could provide the next untapped market for the Orchestrated software platform, with 8,638 total wineries nationwide and 6 percent industry growth in 2015.

The Orchestrated product line currently consists of OrchestratedBEER, a brewery management software solution, and OrchestratedSPIRITS, a distillery management software solution. As of January 2016, the Orchestrated user community consists of more than 1200 users from top craft breweries and distilleries around the world.

About Orchestra Software:
Orchestra Software is a privately-held enterprise software company founded in 2008. Orchestra creates industry vertical solutions that are scalable for large companies yet affordable enough for small and midsize growing companies.

Orchestra’s industry-specific software consolidates all company operations into a single application, providing unparalleled insight into the business, creating opportunity for cost savings and increasing profitability.

As an SAP Business One Gold Partner, Orchestra Software has received numerous awards, including SAP Business One Innovation and Leadership Award, SAP Business One Cloud Partner of the Year and the SAP North American Partner Excellence Award.