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Take the guesswork out of purchasing

Never run out of ingredients again. Connect the dots between purchasing, accounting, and inventory to better anticipate purchasing needs based on past trends and future projections.

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Manage your purchasing, pricing tiers, and fulfillment all in one place with easy access to real-time inventory levels

Streamline the way you buy

Replace inefficient processes of spreadsheets, emails, and hand-written notes with an all-in-one brewery-specific purchasing and receiving solution. Know what’s going on in real-time, so you know what’s on order, what you are receiving, and what your account balances are.

  • Streamline the purchasing process from order placement to payment
  • Place orders accurately and on time with standardization and automation
Anticipate Purchasing Needs
Know what inventory you will need, before you need it

Order your materials on time ensuring best price and timely delivery. Anticipate what, when, and how much to buy based on production or sales demands, lead times, and other factors. The Orchestrated Future Inventory Report is like a crystal ball for all your future purchasing needs.

  • Anticipate inventory needs for raw materials and finished goods with the Future Inventory Analysis report
  • Forecast material requirements for the year utilizing the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) wizard to reduce costs and ensure you never run out of stock.
Manage Contracts
Efficiently manage purchasing contracts

Maintain a healthy relationship with your vendors by clearly communicating and fulfilling commitments to them. Easily set up all your vendor contracts and track associated activities like recurring payments, remaining quantities, and expected deliveries.

  • Increase visibility into hops and supplier contracts to improve flow from commitment to completion
  • Organize contract agreements from start to finish, including quantities remaining to be fulfilled, delivery schedules, and recurring payments
  • Review delivery metrics for all your vendors
Purchasing Reporting
All the data you need to make the right decisions

Get a 360-degree purchasing view of your brewery with comprehensive reports and utilities including:

  • Vendor Performance Report
  • Future Inventory Report
  • Purchasing Document Relationship Audit
  • Purchase Item Cost Analysis
  • Open Purchase Order by Vendor
  • AP Price Trends Graph

See how Orchestrated advanced reporting can help you streamline the way you buy.

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